Acorn Farm
Andrew Parsons ARPS DPAGB
01636 - 821768

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Badger Banded Arion Barn Owl in Flight Barn Owls after Being Ringed Bird Feed Margin
Badger.jpg Banded Arion.jpg Barn Owl in Flight.jpg Barn Owls after Being Ringed.jpg Bird Feed Margin.jpg
Bird Feed Margin1 Black Tailed Skimmer Blackbird Feeding Blue Tailed Damselfly Brimestone
Bird Feed Margin1.jpg Black Tailed Skimmer.jpg Blackbird Feeding.jpg Blue Tailed Damselfly.jpg Brimestone.jpg
Brown Hare Brown Hares on the run Brown Rat emerging from a wall in the wall Bumle Bee Burnet Moths Paired
Brown Hare.jpg Brown Hares on the run.jpg Brown Rat emerging from a wall in the wall.jpg Bumle Bee.jpg Burnet Moths Paired.jpg