Birds  and  Butterflies  on  the  Farm

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These  Birds  have  been  seen  on  Acorn  Farm



These  Butterflies  have  been  seen  on  Acorn  Farm

Arable and Hedgerow
Blackbird All Year
Blue Tit All Year
Barn Owl All Year
Blackcap  Summer  Visitor
Carrion Crow All Year
Chaffinch All Year
Common  Whitethroat   Summer  Visitor
Coal Tit All Year
Greenfinch All Year
Grey Partridge All Year
Great Tit All Year
Grasshopper  Warbler  Summer  Visitor
Great Spotted  Woodpecker  All  Year
Hedge Sparrow All Year
House Sparrow All Year
Jackdaw All Year
Kestrel All Year
Lapwing All Year
Lesser  Whitethroat  Summer  Visitor
Linnet All Year
Little Owl All Year
Long  Tailed  Tit  All  Year
Magpie All Year
Mistle Thrush All Year
Pheasant All Year
Pied Wagtail All Year
Red-legged Partridge All Year
Robin All Year
Rook All Year
Skylark All Year
Song Thrush All Year
Starling All Year
Spotted  Flycatcher  Summer  Visitor
Tree Sparrow All Year
Tree Creeper All Year
Turtle  Dove  Summer  Visitor
Wood Pigeon All Year
Yellow Hammer All Year
Wren All Year
Whitethroat Summer Visitor
Willow  Warbler  Summer  Visitor
Goldfinch Summer Visitor
Swift Summer Visitor
House Martian Summer Visitor
Sand  Martin  Summer  Visitor
Swallow Summer Visitor
Cuckoo Summer Visitor
Chiffchaff Summer Visitor
Wheatear Spring, Autumn Visitor
Redwing Winter Visitor
Fieldfare Winter Visitor
Golden Plover Autumn Visitor
Rivers and Ponds
Black-Headed Gull All Year
Canada Goose All Year
Curlew Summer Visitor
Cormorant All Year
Coot All Year
Common Gull All Year
Common Tern All Year
Greylag Goose All Year
Grey Wagtail All Year
Heron All Year
Kingfisher All Year
Mallard All Year
Moorhen All Year
Mute Swan All Year
Teal All Year
Tufted Duck All Year
Yellow  Wagtail  Summer  Visitor
Brimstone One Brood March Mid June August September
Meadow Brown One Brood June - August
Comma Two Broods April May July, August September
Common  Blue  Two Broods -June - September
Peacock One Brood April - May July - September
Small Tortoiseshell Two Broods Mid April - May Mid June - August
Painted Lady Migrant Two Broods May - June August - September
Red Admiral Two Broods Mid May June August - September
Gatekeeper One Brood July - Mid September
Ringlet  One  Brood  Mid  June  -  Mid  August
Wall Brown Two Broods May-June. August
Speckled  Wood  Two  Broods  April - June  July  -  September
Holly Blue Two Broods April May August
Small White Two Broods Mid March Mid May Mid June - August
Large White Two Broods May - Mid September
Large  Skipper  One  Brood  June - July
Small  Skipper   One  Brood  June - July
Small Copper Three Broods May Mid June July August Mid September October
Green - veined White Two Broods April - Mid June Mid July - August

White  Dead  Nettle


Meadow  Brown  feeding  on  Ragwort