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Acorn  Farm, Ingram  Lane, Sutton  on  Trent  is  situated  in  the  Trent  Valley.  Which  is  8  miles  from  Newark  and  12  miles  from  Retford.  the  village  lays  in  a  triangle  between  the  River  Trent,, A1 main  road  and  the  main  LNER railway  line  London  to  Edinburgh. 




Sutton on Trent

The farm enterprize is traditionally run. 30 acres arable and 150 acres permanent & temparary grass. The soil types vary from sand to medium loam to clay silt on the grassland. The average field size is eight acres. This is small compared with other farms.



The grass is wash land. This means it goes under water most years when the river floods. Suckler  cows  and  calves graze  the fields in the summer  and  fattened inside during the winter months. The beef animals are eventually sold at Newark Livestock Market.


The arable land grows Wheat, Barley and Fodder Beet  which  are  all  feed  to  our  cattle.




The River Trent

Wash Land