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I am  the  3rd  generation  to  farm  here  at  Sutton  on  Trent.  My  Grandfather   came  here  as  a  young  child  in  the 1880's  and  was  bought  up  by  a  Uncle  and  Aunt  who lived  in  the  village.  He  married  a  local  girl  in  1912  and   was  tenant  of  Woodbine  Farm  (30  acres).  The  farm  grew  in  size,  as  well as the  family  (7  children).  By  the  mid  1950's  my  father  and  his  brother  were  in  partnership  on  the  farm  but  unfortunately  the  partnership  broke  down  and  the  farm  was  spilt  up.  Land  has  been  bought  since bringing  it  back  to  the  size  before  the  partnership  broke  up.  I  now  farm  part  time  my  son  runs  a  Suckler  Enterprises  with  Pedigree  Bazadaise. Pedigree British Blue  and  Commercial Herd. Pedigree Blue Texels


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Countryside  Stewardship  Scheme  Education  Access Initiative

The Countryside Stewardship Scheme seeks to improve and conserve landscape and scenic beauty, wildlife habitats. history and archaeology and to provide opportunities for people to enjoy the countryside.

It is a more positive approach to looking after and managing the countryside

The Education Access Initiative allows educational establishments like schools an opportunity to visit farms free of charge, to better understand and appreciate the countryside and its wildlife.

The Higher Level Stewardship Scheme is managed and administered by the Natural England . The Scheme runs for ten years.



Acorn Farm

Ingram Lane

Sutton on Trent

NG23 6RT   

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